OSIM’s signature product of the year, OSIM uLove, has ultra-luxurious fittings, innovative massage features and a multi-sensory audio system. Screen icon Fan Bing Bing is the ambassador for OSIM uLove, with Saffron planning and executing a digital public relations campaign together with media partners and social influencers.

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– Nüyou, 4 Jul 2016

"Fall head over heels with OSIM uLove"
– Asia 361, 19 Jun 2016

"The OSIM uLove massage experience is like listening to a lullaby with our body ‘suspended’ in a 45 degree angle, putting us to sleep or best, a relax mode."
– Katherine Sng, 19 Jun 2016

"What if you can get pampered in the comfort of your home, and still spend time with your loved ones? Now that's luxury."
– Diana Ser, 20 Jun 2016

"I was completely sold!"
– Keith Png, 21 Jun 2016